Learn how to seamlessly showcase your event listings on your Webflow website using Ticket Spot. In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the simple steps of integrating Ticket Spot's event listings into your Webflow site. - Create a new site within Ticket Spot by adding the site name and URL. - Add a customized widget to your site by navigating to 'Manage Events' and selecting 'Add Widget.' - Get the easy installation instructions from Ticket Spot, including code for the HEAD tag and the widget itself. - Integrate the event listings into your Webflow site by copying the HEAD tag code into the 'Head' section and using the Webflow Embed component for the widget code. - Publish your Webflow website, and your beautifully displayed event listings are live for your visitors to see. With Ticket Spot, adding event listings to your Webflow website is a breeze. Showcase your events effortlessly and engage your audience with a seamless experience.

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